Robert E. Willett Elementary

Our mascot,
Hootie the Owl


Robert E. Willett Elementary was named after a long-time teacher at the school. Previously, Willett was known as West Davis Intermediate, opened in 1967 and served grades 4-6. It is now a full K-6 school. Its sister school was West Davis Elementary (WDE), a K-3 program located on Anderson Road. That school is now Cesar Chavez Elementary

Bob Willett was a much loved 6th grade teacher at the school. He was well known for his love of the outdoors and took his class to the mountains each year. There the students would stay in dorms and spend several days learning about nature. Mr. Willett's class also put on a musical every year. Our sixth graders now spend a week at Sly Park. Many classes, including our sixth grades, put on plays throughout the school year, continuing the tradition.

Willett celebrated it's 50th Anniversary in April 2017, with many alumni staff and students returning to celebrate, including Mrs. Marylou Willett.