Field Trip Forms

Field Trip Forms

Dear Parents, 


There are two forms for field trips.

1. DJUSD STUDENT FIELD TRIP AUTHORIZATION form provided by the teacher.

2. DJUSD PARENT DRIVERS form, now online. See link below.


Field trips are a wonderful way to bring our community to our students and expand their knowledge of the curriculum.  In order to go on these trips, paper work must be filled out in case of an emergency and to insure vehicles and drivers are appropriately cleared to transport children.  Please help the teacher by returning the paperwork as quickly as possible.  We estimate it takes 20 additional hours of teacher time, each time a field trip is taken, to have all paperwork returned.


ALL Students must have the DJUSD STUDENT FIELD TRIP AUTHORIZATION form completed.

ALL Drivers must have the DJUSD PARENT DRIVERS online form completed.

We are piloting a new online Parent Drivers form.


Here's the steps:

  1. Parents click on the link and log in with you name and email

  2. Fill out all the highlighted areas on pg. 1

  3. Type in and sign their name on pg. 2

  4. Scroll all the way down click on Add Attachments and add a copy of their CDL and car insurance card

  5. Hit submit


If you are transporting your own child, and no other, the DAVIS JOINT UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENT ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION form must be completed.


All forms are turned in to the classroom teacher AT LEAST one week prior to the field trip.  If you misplace a form, you will need to contact your child's teacher to get another copy. 


Thank you for your support in making these trips run smooth!